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We like to say “When life throws you a burger, EAT IT!”.

Burger & Brew Fest NL is more than just mouthwatering burgers and refreshing craft beers, it’s also a chance to get out, give back and support local all while enjoying a great time!

From October 31 to November 14, visit participating restaurants, pubs and breweries to enter contests and meet other burger aficionados.

We can hear your stomach growling already, so get out there and don’t forget to pack a bib because it’s about to get messy!

Burger & Brew is an initiative of Destination St. John’s. It was created to get people out to support local restaurants and breweries while enjoying amazing burgers and refreshing, local beer.


The Festival has 27 participating restaurants, including stand-alone and restaurants located inside hotels.


In addition, there are 4 breweries: Quidi Vidi Brewing Co., Landwash Brewery, Yellowbelly Brewery, and Ninepenny Brewing. Each brewery is featuring three different beers for the Festival.

Yes, a little! We originally launched Burger & Brew before our province had it first case of Covid-19. When measures to reduce spread in public places were introduced, we hit pause on the Festival.


Now, we’ve again hit play, but with a few differences.

  • Number of Days to Participate: Originally the Festival was to run from March 1 to 31. It shutdown midway. Thus, our “Re-do” will run for 15 days, to make up the lost time.

  • The Passport: Paper passports were central to how Burger and Brew originally ran. But, due to COVID-19 recommendations, we must reduce the exchange of high-touch items. So we're going fully digital. Instead of a stamp on your passport, you’ll now be asked to scan a QR code specific to your burger and submit it online. You’ll then do the same for your brew(s). We’ll take care of the rest!

  • Bingo: You may recall that guests were encouraged to collect stamps on the bingo card portion of their passport where several squares were for live music. Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions have caused many businesses to reduce live music options. Thus, we will not be continuing with this aspect of the promotion. 

  • Number of Entries to Win: Originally a person needed 8 stamps in order to enter to win. In recognition of the shorter Festival period, we’ve reduced that to four entries (now done via QR code).

  • Delivery Orders: We know that some folks prefer to eat their delicious burgers at home right now. We want to make sure you can still take part! All participating restaurants will be provided with a card to place inside your delivery order. Simply scan and submit to be entered to win.

  • Honouring Stamps and Submissions: We will be honouring stamps collected on passports prior to the March shutdown. Please send in a photo of your passport on which stamps are easily seen, using the QR code on your passport under the heading “Enter to Win”.


Getting out and eating lots of burgers and trying new beer is great, but there is also an element of this to make you feel good about getting involved. All participating restaurants will be donating $1 from each burger sold to the Community Food Sharing Association.

  • Every $10 in donations leverages $430 worth of food

  • It costs $153.03 to feed a household for 1 week in Newfoundland

  • 40% of food bank users are children under the age of 18

  • For more information go to



Burger & Brew Fest isn't just about eating as many burgers as you can, it's also about feeding other hungry people in our province. Tonight in Newfoundland and Labrador 10,800 children will go to bed hungry. This is why each burger is also a "give back burger". For EVERY finger-licking burger you eat at participating locations, during Burger & Brew ReDo, a $1 donation will also be made to the Community Food Sharing Association (CFSA).


Every year the CFSA collects more than eight million pounds of non-perishable food and distribute it through 54 food banks province wide to 27,000 children, women, and men. Last year Newfoundlanders and Labradorians donated $350,000 to the CFSA. With that they are able to purchase and distribute more than $17 million worth of food to deserving families and individuals.


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