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So, how do I enter?

  1. Chow down on your delicious burger of choice. Order a brew too, if that’s your style.

  2. When your server brings the bill or you head to the cash to pay, you’ll be presented with small card that contains one QR code for that restaurant’s Festival burger as well as a QR code for each of the 12 Festival beers.

  3. Scan and submit a QR code for each burger and for each brew you enjoyed! Be sure and use the same name, email, and phone number for each submission so that we may accurately track how many you submit.

  4. Your entry is now in the Burger & Brew database. We will track how many QR codes you’ve submitted and enter you for our Burger & Brew gift card giveaway.

  • Click here to download the official contest rules including no purchase necessary submissions.


  • On your mobile device, open camera

  • Focus your camera over the QR code

  • A small pop-up will appear in at the top of your screen

  • Click the pop-up

  • A web-form will open

  • Enter your name, email address, and phone number. (Be sure to use the same one for all entries!)

  • Hit submit and your entry is now in Burger and Brew’s database


  • Enter your QR Code
    People who enter 4 or more QR codes will be entered to win
    1st Place — $100 worth of gift cards
    2nd Place — $75 worth of gift cards
    3rd Place — $50 worth of gift cards

    People who collect the most stamps will be entered to win $250 worth of gift cards


  • Weekly Social Media
    Every Friday on Facebook and Instagram we will announce the photo them of the week.
    Facebook — Comment on Burger & Brew's posts with a photo
    Instagram — Post a photo using #BurgerBrewNL and tag us at @BurgerBrewNL in your public Instagram posts/stories — you could be featured on the official Burger & Brew Fest Instagram account.
    The following Thursday we will announce the winner of the previous week.

    Prizes are a $25 gift card (and/or merch) for both Facebook and Instagram each week.

User-Generated Content

  • Burger & Brew Fest NL (Destination St. John's - DSJ) uses Crowdriff to gather and license user-generated content from across social media, and in turn feature that media on its web properties and social media channels. The linked PDF outlines the Terms and Conditions governing all use by Burger & Brew Fest NL and DSJ of property (such as, but not limited to, photos, videos, albums, and posts) created or owned by third parties (the “authorized material”).

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